• Thank you to everyone who attended the new school drop-in - details are on the New School page

School Staff 2017

Headteacher Mrs Wheatcroft
Deputy Head Miss Grey
Miss Chester
Year 1
Mrs Dryden
Year 2 Mrs Clegg
Year 3 Mrs Wilson/Mrs Parkinson
Year 4/5 Mrs Monk
Year 4/5 Mrs Mitchell/Mrs Pipe
Year 4/5 Miss Slarks
Year 6 Mrs Toolin
Support Teachers Mrs Parkinson
Mrs Roberts
  Mrs Pratley
Mrs Toms
Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mr Monk
Teaching Assistants Mrs L Curtis, Mrs L Hewlett, Mrs A Jarrett, Mrs W Middleton, Mrs J Noel, Miss C Barnes, Mrs R Prideaux-Reynolds, Mrs J Taylor, Mrs J Scriven, Mrs R Cordle, Miss C Allen, Miss A Monk, Mrs D Mason
School Business Leader Mr Monk
Administration Mrs McKechnie
Mid-Day Supervisors  Mrs L Curtis, Mrs L Hewlett,  Miss C Barnes, Mrs R Prideaux-Reynolds, Mrs A Jarrett, Mrs R Cordle, Miss C Allen, Miss A Monk, Mrs J Scriven
Cleaning Staff Ms Trusovaite

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