As a proud holder of the Eco-Schools Green Flag, the school aims to embed the principles of sustainability into our day-to-day activities. Our Eco-Schools Committee, which has representatives from Years 1 to 6, meets each term to consider how we as a school can improve our environment – at school, at home, and further afield. From ‘Walk/Cycle/Scoot to School Week’, growing sunflowers and organising litter collections, to monitoring the biodiversity at Forest School, being part of the Eco-Schools scheme enables us all to enjoy and protect our environment. Our Eco-Schools motto is:

Walk, cycle, scoot

Only use what you need

Recycle, re-use, compost

Lights out, taps off

Don’t drop litter

Eco-school council

Monthly Eco tips

September:   Deter fleas naturally by putting a clove of crushed garlic into your pet’s food twice a week. Reinforce and counteract any smell by putting lavender and rosemary into your pet’s foods.

October:       Keep chemical waste out of waterways. Never pour paints, used oil, cleaning solvents, polishes, pool chemicals or insecticides down drains, sinks or toilets. Contact your local sanitation, public works or environmental health department to find out about hazardous waste collection days or sites.

November:  Switch it off! Did you know; the average microwave, when not in use, uses more energy to power its digital clock than to heat food!  Keep it off at the mains until you need it.

December:  Although you may have cut your grass for the last time; Leave your lawnmowings on the lawn.  Rather than throwing them away, let grass clippings rot into the lawn where they’ll release nutrients back into the soil.  Just make sure you mow when the grass is dry so the cuttings don’t clump which can stifle new growth.

Extra tip:  for every new Christmas tree bought, another is planted, recycle carefully this Christmas!

Drawing mazes in our Outdoor Learning week

Eco-team successes this year.  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped, supported and participated!


Waste Less Live More Challenge.


Litter picking, Energy monitoring and Switch off.


Outdoor learning week, Clean air day, Walk to school week and Kitchen garden celebrations!

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